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Cultural and Linguistic Considerations in the Development of Collaborative Services in Pharmacy

28 March 2024

As the pharmacy profession provides services to diverse patient populations, new pharmacy services and approaches that address social determinants of health and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals need to be designed with principles related to global health. Also, services must reflect the communities' needs by applying principles of global health and ensuring that communities' cultural and linguistic needs are considered to provide care for the whole person, integrating traditional practices, language, and health beliefs.

This session is designed to discuss examples of developing programs and services that achieve these goals, explore mutual benefits between multinational and interprofessional collaborators, and explore non-traditional means to enhance our effectiveness and recognition in service provision by patients and communities. This presentation aims to empower pharmacists worldwide with knowledge and strategies to develop services that reflect these principles.

- Jeanine Abrons, Co-Director UI Mobile Clinics, Director, University of Iowa, College of Pharmacy, International Student Pharmacist Experiences, USA

- Ashleigh Wallace-Lacey, Consultant, Travel Medica, Dominica
- Jane Boyd, Laboratory Instructor, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, USA
- Carlton Languedoc, Head of Sales, Public Health, and Public Relations, Jollys Pharmacy, Dominica
- Deb Dunkhase, Adjunct Instructor, Management and Entrepreneurship, Co-Founder, Open Heartland, University of Iowa, Tippie College of Business and Open Heartland, USA