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Pharmacy engagement in tuberculosis prevention and care

22 March 2024

Tuberculosis (TB) is a preventable and curable disease. However, according to the WHO, in 2022, it affected 10.6 million people worldwide and caused 1.3 million deaths. TB occurs in all countries and in people of all ages. Multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) remains a public health crisis and a threat to health security, with only about two in five people receiving treatment in 2022. In this digital event, experts will explore the role that pharmacists play in the fight against TB, and how this role can be further leveraged. This event marks World TB Day and aims to strengthen pharmacy engagement, foster collaboration and contribute to a TB-free world through collective expertise and commitment.

- Manjiri Gharat, Principal, Prin. K.M.Kundnani Pharmacy Polytechnic,India , Vice-President, Indian Pharmaceutical Association, India

- Cátia Caneiras, Portugal

- Hannah Monica Dias, Cross Cutting Lead, Multisectoral engagement and accountability, WHO Flagship Initiative to end TB, Public-Private Mix and TB Elimination, Global Tuberculosis Programme, World Health Organization
- Rosalind Miller, Research Consultant TBPPM Learning Network, UK
- Tim Rennie, Director of Taught Postgraduate Programmes University of Bath, UK