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Welcome to Pharmabridge!

27 February 2024

Pharmabridge is a program of the FIP Foundation that aims to facilitate educational and professional development, mentorship/tutoring, exchange opportunities for pharmacists, pharmacy educators, and pharmaceutical scientists. The objective is to strengthen pharmacy services, pharmacy education, and pharmaceutical science in developing and transitional countries. This webinar is an orientation on the pharmabridge program, the previous work of pharmabridge and how pharmacists especially those in developing and translational countries can leverage this program to improve their practice.

Learning objectives

1. To increase awareness of Pharmabridge program amongst FIP members, FIP-ECPG and support organizations.
2. To help members understand how they can participate and benefit from the program.
3. To inform partner organizations and members with vast knowledge and professional experience on how to support the pharmabridge program through being a host/mentor, tutoring, providing educational tools resources and donations.

After the webinar, participants can become either host/mentor or mentee in the program.

- Eeva Terasalmi, FIP Foundation, Finland

- Harriet Onyedibe, Pharmacist , Nigeria
- Rebekah Moles, FIP Foundation Director, Australia