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Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Managing Symptoms and Supporting Self-Care Handbook Launch

31 January 2024

Join our digital event featuring FIP experts and specialists in Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) for a key discussion on the evolving role of pharmacists in IDA prevention and management. We will launch the "Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Managing Symptoms and Supporting Self-Care" handbook, equipping pharmacists with practical insights. We will explore global data and trends, engage in interactive activities, and gain a deeper understanding of IDA. Learn from community and clinical pharmacists' perspectives and join a panel discussion with experts to address challenges, technological advancements, patient education, and collaborative care models in IDA management.

- Sherly Meilianti, FIP Data and Intelligence Specialist, (FIP), The Netherlands

- Leonila M. Ocambo, Executive Committee Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum, Community Pharmacy Section Philippine Pharmacists Association, Philippines

- Nisa Masyitah, FIP Project and Data Support Coordinator, (FIP), Indonesia
- Grace Adebayo, FIP GPO Intern International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), Nigeria
- Josep M Guiu-Segura, Director of pharmacy and medicines, Consortium of Health and Social Care of Catalonia, Spain
- Rosalynn L. Pangan, Associate Director for Planning & Supplier Relationship, Supply Chain Management Group, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City and Quezon City, Philippine Pharmacists Association, Philippines
- Susan Tang Siew Chin, Malaysia Pharmacist Society, Malaysia
- Jenae Robertz, Clinical Pharmacist Great Lakes Bay Health Centers, Michigan, United States of America, USA
- Farah Aqqad, FIP Data Integration Specialist, International Pharmaceutical Federation, Jordan
- Sham Moodley, Vice Chair Honorary Research Fellow ICPA Board of Directors School of Health Science UKZN PSSA FPS Exco, South Africa
- Linda Tahaineh, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan