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Optimising cancer care: community pharmacy strategies to support patients on oral treatment

1 February 2024

This digital event explores the critical role of community pharmacies in advancing cancer care, particularly for patients undergoing oral treatment. As the cancer care landscape evolves towards personalised approaches, the event addresses the urgent need for effective patient support. Experts will explore innovative strategies with a focus on patient-centred approaches. Throughout the event, different pharmacist interventions from different countries will be showcased, providing a broad perspective on global best practices and fostering cross-cultural insights. Attendees can expect valuable discussions on optimising patient outcomes and well-being, fostering collaboration between healthcare providers, and improving the overall quality of cancer care.

- Lars-Åke Söderlund, FIP Vice President International Pharmaceutical Federation, Sweden

- Melanie Dalby, Clinical Academic Research Lead for pharmacy King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK
- Tamara Peiró Zorrilla, Coordinator Pharmaceutical Care Department General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain, Spain
- Michael Reff, Founder & Executive Director of NCODA, Inc. National Community Oncology Dispensing Association (NCODA) New York, USA