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FIP Basel Statements – 2024 and beyond

14 December 2023

Originally developed in 2008, the FIP Basel Statements set standards for hospital pharmacy practice and the workforce. These 65 statements are grouped into 7 areas and cover all areas of the medicine use process in hospitals, from procurement to monitoring. The statements were last updated in Bangkok in 2014. To ensure the Basel Statements remain relevant and applicable to hospital pharmacists worldwide, HPS again formed a team for updates in 2023. During this webinar, Drs. Stephen Eckel and Michael Stepanovic will discuss the Basel Statement Update Project, review the activities performed in Brisbane, provide an insight into the continued analysis, and highlight next steps and dissemination plans.

Moderator / Speaker:
- Stephen Eckel, Assosciate Dean, Global Engagement UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, USA

Co-moderator / Speaker:
- Michael Stepanovic, Post-doctoral fellow, Health-System Pharmacy Administration UNC Eshelman School of Pharmcacy, USA