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FIP ECPG Strategic Plan 2023-2030 Launch: Setting the Goals Ahead for the Early Career Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Scientists and Educators Globally

13 December 2023

This digital event will occur to officially launch the ECPG strategic plan 2023-2030. This strategic plan, born from countless hours of collaboration and consultation, encapsulates ECPG’s commitment to promoting the values of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). It's a tribute to our relentless pursuit of excellence, our unwavering dedication to lifelong learning, and our fervent belief in the power of connections. Within these pages, you will find not just goals and objectives, but collective aspirations, finely woven with threads of inclusivity, empowerment, and innovation. ECPG aspires to create a thriving community where every early career professional finds their rightful place under the maxim of one FIP.

- Emmanuella Nzeribe, Research Assistant, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Abuja, Nigeria

- Safiye Çağansel, President, Manager FIP ECPG, Safiye Çağansel Eczanesi/Pharmacy, Cyprus
- Paul Sinclair, President FIP, Australia
- Luis Lourenço, Professional secretary FIP, Portugal
- Waranyu “Kimmy” Lengwiriyakul, President Asian Young Pharmacist Group, Thailand
- Lucas Chambel, international affairs department Associação Portuguesa de Jovens Farmacêuticos, Portugal