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Sharing perspectives on the pharmacists’ needs in humanitarian settings

22 November 2023

FIP has developed a humanitarian programme that aims to identify all areas FIP can provide to support pharmacists and pharmacy teams in crises. Very often, pharmacists provide essential roles and services by supporting the distribution of medicines to patients and providing advice on stock management.

At FIP, we wish to support the profession in countries during a crisis and create awareness of pharmacists’ roles in disasters and emergencies, using their communities as support frameworks to ensure the profession’s preparedness. This event aims to showcase different emergency and disaster situations, showcasing the needs for the different countries and regions and pointing out how pharmacists can be involved.

- Rúben Viegas, Practice Development and Transformation Projects Coordinator FIP, The Netherlands

- Nour ElTahla, Projects Coordinator – Equity, sustainability policy and development FIP, The Netherlands

- Andraž Počič, MPharm, head of community pharmacy JZ Koroška Lekarna, Lekarniška podružnica Mislinja, Slovenia
- Hwaida Elsadig, Head of pharmacy practice department University of Medical Sciences and Technology Khartoum/Sudan, Sudan
- Catherine Duggan, Chief Executive Officer FIP, The Netherlands
- Prosper Hiag, Vice President FIP, Cameroon
- Salami Nouredine, Pharmacien SIGMAPHARM, Morrocco