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Antimicrobial resistance and stewardship education: Supporting development of the pharmaceutical workforce

20 November 2023

The World Health Organization has emphasised the importance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) education. The first objective of the Global Action Plan on AMR is to improve awareness and understanding of AMR through effective communication, education, and training. To address AMR, all clinicians and health-care workers must become stewards of antimicrobials by prescribing them appropriately and educating their patients and colleagues on the proper use of this increasingly scarce medical resource.

However, there is limited evidence regarding the educational needs of the pharmaceutical workforce at a global level. Both HCPs and students express a desire to enhance their knowledge and competency through targeted and effective education and training on AMR. Therefore, FIP developed an online survey to identify the educational needs of pharmaceutical students, practitioners and educators. This webinar will focus on the results of this FIP AMR education survey.

- Catia Caneiras, Professor and Coordinator, Microbiology Laboratory of Environmental Health University of Lisbon, Portugal

- Rula Darwish, Dean School of Pharmacy, The University of Jordan, Jordan
- Maarten Lambert, PhD Candidate University of Groningen, The Netherlands
- Hamisi Msagama, Master Student in Global Health Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Tanzania
- Souheib Kirat, Chairperson of Internal Relations IPSF, Algeria
- Alison Etukakpan, PhD student Monash University, Australia