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Vaccination: Benefits beyond specific disease prevention - Part 3

13 September 2023
Building on the Part 2 of the series, Part 3 will focus on the burden of diseases and the risks and costs of not widening access to vaccination. FIP resources will be revisited as well as the process of setting up vaccination at a pharmacy: pre-vaccination, vaccination, post-vaccination and in-depth case studies. The event will take the format of a brief presentations followed by a panel discussion in which experts will join in to share their knowledge and expertise.

- Lina Bader, FIP Lead for Equity, sustainability policy and development International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) - Netherlands

- Nour Eltahla, FIP Projects coordinator for Equity, sustainability policy and development FIP ​​- Netherlands

- Esther McNamara, Senior Health Policy Lead International Longevity Center UK - United Kingdom
- Jane Barratt, Secretary General International Federation on Aging - Canada
- Sachiko Ozawa, Associate Professor, Division of Practice Advancement and Clinical Education UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy - United States
- Peter Guthrey, Senior Pharmacist-Strategic Policy Pharmaceutical Society of Australia - Australia