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Vaccination: Benefits beyond specific disease prevention - Part 1

21 August 2023

We all know that the primary goal of vaccination is the prevention of pathogen-specific infection. But what about the indirect benefits of vaccines which drive longer-term immune responses that promote long-term health? This webinar – Part 1 - will delve into technical and evidence-based insights on positive downstream effects of vaccines in older adults including that on cardiovascular events and diseases, diabetes or arthritis.

- Dalia Bajis, FIP Lead for Provision and Partnerships - The Netherlands

- Ozge Ozer, FIP Education and Professional Development Manager - The Netherlands

- Mine Durusu Tanriover, Professor of Internal Medicine Hacettepe University - Turkiye
- Eric J. Yager, Associate Professor, Microbiology Chair,
Department of Allied Health Sciences Director, Pre-Pharmacy Programme Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - USA