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Pharmacy technician roles and responsibilities beyond the pandemic

5 July 2023

To meet the medical need of efficient RNA delivery beyond the liver, my lab rationally designs inhalable and biocompatible nanocarriers for efficient siRNA delivery to the lung. Delivery is the major hurdle thwarting the therapeutic potential of RNA medicines. While all siRNA drugs on the market target the liver, the lung offers a variety of currently undruggable targets which could be treated with RNA therapeutics. Hence, nebulizable and biocompatible nanocarriers for pulmonary administration of RNA nanoparticles could finally enable delivery beyond the liver. 

- Abigail Tan, Senior Pharmacy Technician KK Women's and Children's Hospital - Singapore

- Kimberly McKeirnan, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy Director, Center for Pharmacy Practice Research Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane - USA
- Rebecca Bastable, Pharmacy Technician Lead Workforce, Training and Education Directorate NHS England – South East - UK