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Strategies and activities in the development of patient care competencies in mental health for pharmacy students and practitioners

21 June 2023

Mental health is a critical aspect of overall health and well-being. Mental health disorders are common affecting one in four people worldwide. However, mental health patient care services are often inaccessible, leading to negative outcomes such as disability and poor physical health. Pharmacists play a vital role in providing mental health patient care services, as they are often the first contact for the patients asking for help. Developing competency in delivery of mental health services is thus essential for pharmacy students and practitioners. To obtain a high level of knowledge and skills, but also attitudes and values required for these roles, a variety of teaching and learning methods can be used. As indicated in FIP-GCFE, teaching methods should be aligned with participants' needs and the context of learning. This webinar aims to provide an overview of pharmacists' roles in not just promoting mental health and well-being, but to highlight strategies to really deliver mental health patient care services among practitioners and students, and showcase experiences of capacity building programs in the mental health care.

- Arijana Mestrovic, Director, Professional services Pharma Expert - Croatia

- Arinola E. Joda, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lagos - Nigeria

- Alena Tatarević, Community Pharmacist Pharmacy Bobanović Vujnović Pula - Croatia
- Abdikarim Mohamed Abdi, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Yeditepe University - Turkey
- Sarah Y. Khamis, Assistant professor in clinical pharmacy Jerash University, Pharmacy Faculty - Jordan
- Odhiambo David, Curator African Pharmaceutical Network
(APN) - Kenya
- Anisha Sandhu, Assistant Lecturer School of Pharmacy, Monash University - Malaysia