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The role of pharmacists in chronic kidney disease

13 June 2023

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a prevalent and severe condition that progresses silently in most patients. As such, many patients are not diagnosed until the late stages of CKD, resulting in a greater risk of poor outcomes, such as end-stage renal disease requiring dialysis or transplant. Community pharmacists and their teams are ideally placed to raise CKD awareness, identify those at risk and be the driving force behind earlier detection and referral to primary care partners for screening, diagnosis and intervention. At this event, the “Chronic kidney disease - Toolkit Guide” to support pharmacists in providing a range of CKD pharmacy services will be presented.

- Lars-Åke Söderlund, FIP Vice President International Pharmaceutical Federation - Sweden

- Connie Marshall, Director of Expert Content IPG Health - Canada
- Alfonso Pereira Céspedes, Adjunct professor Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Costa Rica, and University of Granada Spain - Costa Rica
- Ronald Castelino, Associate Professor in Pharmacy University of Sydney - Australia