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Health and self-care literacy for the management of minor ailments in the pharmacy - Body pain management

29 March 2023

Empowering patient self-care improves health outcomes and reduces the burden of diseases. Improving health and self-care literacy is key to empowering pharmacy-based self-care. This is especially important when it comes to the management of minor ailments through pharmacy. Consisting of a series of five events focusing on common health issues, this new FIP digital programme aims to examine how pharmacists can be enabled to improve health and self-care literacy. Approaches for each of the five areas of minor ailments will be discussed including embedding health and self-care literacy into education and training, developing self-diagnosis and self-medication protocols, widening access to patient information, and improving referral strategies.

- Lina Bader, FIP Lead for Equity, sustainability policy and development International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) - Netherlands

- Nour Eltahla, FIP Projects coordinator for Equity, sustainability policy and development FIP - Netherlands

- Muriel Schneider, Program director Global Self-Care Federation - Global but based in Switzerland
- Jonathan Penm, Senior Lecturer The University of Sydney - Australia
- Iqbal Fahs, Clinical Assistant Professor Lebanese International University - Lebanon