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The role of pharmacy professionals in point-of-care testing

14 February 2023

Pharmacy professionals are fully committed to an interprofessional and person-centred approach to healthcare. Where the regulatory framework permits, a broad range of point-of-care (POC) tests can be performed at community pharmacies or clinical biology laboratories. POC tests can provide valuable information to support health-related decision making and reduce unnecessary presentations to general practitioners or emergency departments. POC tests may also be provided as part of a disease state management service to monitor the outcomes of treatment in people with chronic non-communicable diseases. In addition, pharmacy professionals can use POC tests to intervene and provide safe and quick pharmaceutical care in acute situations.

Attendees will learn about:

1. The role of pharmacy professionals in point-of-care testing;
2. The importance of providing point-of-care testing services in the screening and management of chronic non-communicable diseases and acute situations;
3. Challenges and opportunities for pharmacists in addressing point-of-care testing services.

- Daragh Connolly, Chair of the FIP Board of Pharmaceutical Practice, Ireland

- Sherif Guorgui, President, FIP Community Pharmacy Section, Canada
- Julien Fonsart, Head of the Clinical Biology laboratory, Saint-Louis Lariboisiere University Hospitals, Greater Paris University Hospitals (APHP), France
- Teresa Torres. General Director of GO FAR ANF, Portugal
- Efi Mantzourani, Reader in Pharmacy Practice / Research and Evaluation Lead in Choose Pharmacy, Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University / Primary Care, Digital Health and Care Wales, NHS Wales, UK