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The patient voice in generic medicine development

15 November 2022

The US public benefits from reduced costs and improved access to treatment enabled by availability of generics drug products. Patients offer a unique perspective when advocating for accessibility to high-quality and affordable generics. As critical stakeholders, it is important that the FDA Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) captures patient perspectives, needs, and priorities to help better inform patients. This session will explore the role of patients in generic drug development, OGD’s patient engagement sessions to date and the opportunities that can be used to improve patient engagement.

Learning objectives:

  • The FDA’s perspectives on patient’s role in drug development
  • How Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) is working on patient engagement

- Mathew Cherian, FIP IPS ExCo Member for Webinars, Consultant, USA

Co-moderator :
- Maria Mantziri, FIP IPS ExCo Associate, Pharmacist, Pharmacovigilance Scientist, Greece

- Sarah Ibrahim, Associate Director CDER, Office of Generic Drugs, FDA, USA