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Antimicrobial stewardship: Data in action

4 November 2022

What methods and data can be captured to elucidate how antimicrobials are used in different healthcare settings? How do we know if antimicrobials are being used appropriately and whether there is scope to make improvements? Webinar 3 will consider point prevalence data to understand antimicrobial use, how the data can be utilised to implement change and how to embed that change to create sustainable action.

Learning objectives:

  • Define the Global Point Prevalence Survey tool and discuss the benefits of using this for data capture;
  • Appraise different tools for antimicrobial use data capture and understand the pros and cons of each;
  • Explain challenges to data capture and how to work around these;
  • Examine how local data can be used to drive positive changes and support AMS initiatives; and
  • Recognise how continuous quality improvement methodology can be used to help with Point Prevalence Survey data collection and to bring about sustainable behaviour changes as a result.