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Nutrition for immunity: Stronger immune systems through healthy nutrition

29 September 2022

Strengthening our patients' immune systems has never been more important, and healthy nutrition is one critical factor. This event focuses on how nutrition impacts immunity and its importance in supporting a strong and responsive immune system. It is the second event in the 2022 FIP series 'Food for thought: Pharmacists' role in healthy nutrition'.

Jaime Acosta, Community Pharmacist Farmacia Acosta- Spain

-Philip Calder, President, Federation of European Nutrition Societies Head of the School of Human Development and Health at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom
-Joanna Harnett, Senior Lecturer Sydney Pharmacy School, Australia
-Basma Abdulsamad, Clinical Pharmacist – MSc. Immunology and Allergy – Harvard Associate Alumni Medical Research Institute, Alexandria Egypt, Egypt