Vaccines & special-risk groups: Older adults

30 September 2022

Vaccination is one of the most effective measures to prevent disease transmission and help people remain healthy and retain functional ability as they grow older. Adopting a life-course approach to vaccination and providing convenient and accessible vaccination pathways for older adults is essential to achieve high vaccination coverage rates in this particular population group. Pharmacists increasingly offer reliable information and vaccination services around the world. Among the different special-risk population groups, older adults have specific vaccination needs that will be discussed in this event.

By the end of the session participants should be able to:
1. Understand the most important vaccines for older adults
2. Recognise the role of pharmacists in promoting vaccination to the elderly
3. Discuss strategies for the promotion of a life-course approach to vaccination

- Lina Bader, Lead for Equity, sustainability policy and development International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), Saudi Arabia

- Jean-Pierre MICHEL, Honorary Professor of Medicine University of Geneva, Switzerland
- David Sinclair, Chief Executive ILC. UK
- Jane Barratt, Secretary General International Federation on Ageing, Canada
- Ruggli Martine, President pharmaSuisse, Switzerland