Building data and intelligence capabilities to provide evidence of impact for the profession

27 July 2022

Pharmacy needs to build sustained data and analytics capabilities that support evidence-based decision making and advocacy interventions that inform policy development. Improving capacity in data and intelligence across FIP and its member organisations, is essential to advance pharmacy world-wide. This event explores challenges and opportunities that maximise the use of data to generate evidence of impact across safe and effective use of medicines, pharmacy practice and the pharmacy workforce..

To describe approaches for delivering the required data and intelligence to generate evidence of impact for the profession and current and future policy: enablers and barriers that will support this through practical approaches.

Learning objectives:

1) Explain how health information systems can be strengthened;
2) Describe approaches to evidence generation;
3) List current enablers/opportunities and barriers for using pharmacy data and intelligence to their full potential;
4) Discuss how the pharmacy profession makes better use of data and intelligence.

- Christopher John, FIP Lead for Data and Intelligence FIP, UK

- Sallie Pearson, Professor of Health Systems Research UNSW Sydney, Australia
- Astrid Czock, FIP Global Lead for DG8: Working with others, CEO Qauliccare, Switzerland
- Saja A. Alnahar, Assistant Professor Yarmouk University, Jordan
Hong Anh Chu, Technical Officer, WHO, Switzerland