Advancements in Inhalable Nano-Drug Delivery Systems for Targeted Lung Therapy

16 July 2024

Inhalable therapies provide a unique advantage by offering both targeted, localized treatment and systemic therapy. Despite the many benefits of inhalable drug administration, current treatment for pulmonary disorders often rely on other delivery routes, resulting in suboptimal therapeutic effects and off-target toxicities. This preference is influenced, in part, by the presence of defense mechanisms in the lungs that are actively involved in clearing foreign materials including drugs entering the lungs. Inhalable nanoparticle-based drug delivery carriers, when optimized, have shown promise in delivering therapies in a targeted and sustained manner to the deep lung tissue for the treatment of several lung disorders including cancer, inflammation and fibrosis. This webinar will explore current strategies in the development and surface modification of inhalable nanoparticles to overcome barriers and deliver therapies effectively to the lungs. Specifically, we will discuss our recent efforts in developing polymer- and lipid-based nanoparticles designed to evade macrophage recognition and uptake in the lungs.

- Mathew Cherian PhD, VP of Operations & Development ReVive Biotechnology, United States
- Nikolina Biskic, Manager Regulatory Affairs, Switzerland

- Jyothi Menon PhD, Associate Professor, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemical Engineering University of Rhode Island, USA