Pharmaceutical supply chain resilience in humanitarian crises

23 July 2024

Global healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chains during humanitarian crises have become increasingly critical issues, requiring urgent attention to ensure the timely and safe delivery of medications and pharmaceutical products to patients in need. The importance of this issue is underscored by the consequences of supply chain disruptions, particularly during times of crisis. All stakeholders in the health and humanitarian supply chain, including pharmacists, play a key role in ensuring that safe and high-quality medicines are dispensed to patients during these critical situations. FIP is hosting a digital event to explore challenges and opportunities in maintaining a resilient supply chain, focusing on how to better equip the global healthcare system, particularly pharmacists, to respond to emergencies and crises, saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

- Ruben Viegas, FIP Humanitarian and Sustainability Programme Manger FIP, The Netherland

- Wilson Chandomba, Consultant CMCOMMS, Zimbabwe
- Ronald Guse, International Digital Health Consultant National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (United States), Canada
- Eiko Kobayashi, Chief Pharmacist Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Pharmacy / International Medical Relief Department, Japan
- Lucas Ercolin, Area Manager IDA Foundation, Brazil (Currently living in Netherlands)