Promoting and communicating the value of self-care: Self-care does not mean no care

24 July 2024

Self-care spans the wellness spectrum, from disease prevention to managing symptoms and common ailments, and the use of non-prescription medicines and medical devices. Globally, people are taking greater responsibility for their physical and mental health and are actively seeking reliable information to make informed decisions. Promoting self-care means empowering individuals to responsibly engage in managing their own health in an informed manner, rather than leaving them with no care. As pharmacists increasingly enable patients to make better health decisions, they must assure them that they may always count on their professional advice. To learn about this increasingly important role, join us on this event on International Self-care Day, 24 July 2024.

- Luís Lourenço, Professional Secretary, FIP, The Netherlands

- Austen El-Osta, Director, Self-Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU), UK
- Charlie Benrimoj, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney, Australia
- Jurate Svarcaite, Director General, Association of the European Self-Care Industry, Belgium
- Bisi Bright, CEO/ Board Member, Live well Initiative/ International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO), Nigeria
- Kai Zhen Yap, Lecturer, National University of Singapore, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Singapore