New roles of pharmacists in antimicrobial resistance: fungal disease management

21 November 2023

Resistant fungi are a growing public health threat. Fungal resistance poses a great challenge in the treatment of dermatophyte infections. To treat dermatophyte infections antifungal medications are prescribed which are usually given without confirmatory mycological testing. Moreover, they are overprescribed due to widespread use and availability of inexpensive topical antifungal preparations or corticosteroid–antifungal–antibacterial combinations.

Pharmacists can play a crucial role in appropriate antifungal prescribing through antifungal stewardship. They can educate patients, increase awareness and be effective stewards of antifungal prescriptions.

This webinar will focus on the growing issue of drug resistant fungal infections and highlight the role of pharmacists in this issue.

- Manjiri Gharat, FIP AMR Commission Chair FIP, India

- Dallas Smith, Epidemiologist Mycotic Diseases Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States
- Valeria Gigante, Technical Officer at AMR Division WHO, Switzerland
- Darija Kuruc Poje, Vice President European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, Croatia
- Anna Khanina, Antifungal Stewardship Project Officer National Centre for Infections in Cancer (NCIC), Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia