CPS Regional Online Workshop: Have your say! Help us build your positive practice environments and shape worldwide policy for a sustainable pharmacy profession in Spanish speaking countries

15 February 2023

With increased economic, professional practice and workplace pressures, there is increasing evidence that pharmacists’ wellbeing is being negatively affected. Therefore, this needs to be addressed and it is critical for all pharmacy workplaces to be supported with evidence-based strategies and approaches that can be adapted for country context to foster a culture conducive to positive mental health and wellbeing.

The FIP Community Pharmacy Section is undertaking global research and will be creating policy documents for national organisations to base their own country strategies to address this critical problem and contribute to the sustainability of the profession.

We invite everyone to participate in an upcoming FIP Community Pharmacy Section interactive, engaging, and participative online workshops that will inform the production of a report to be presented at the Brisbane Congress.

Your region will be one of six around the world to contribute to this critical work in assisting FIP in developing a strategic position. Participation would involve sharing your perspectives, learning from peers in other countries and contributing to global research in community pharmacy practice.

The overall aim of this body of work conducted by the FIP Community Pharmacy Section is to analyse individual pharmacists’ experiences at a global level to enable the development of policies and strategies

More specifically, the objectives of these regional online workshops are to:

- Ascertain the workplace pressures that individual pharmacists or employers are facing,
- Determine how these workplace pressures are impacting their wellbeing and their practice,
- Determine what individual pharmacists or employers are doing to address this (strategies).